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Jinzhou Xintai Metallurgy Co., Ltd
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Jinzhou Xintai Metallurgy Co., Ltd

Jinzhou XINTAI (Molybdenum Industry) Metallurgy Co., Ltd (short for XT MOLY), founded in 2006, which is engaged in the production and trade business of molybdenum products, has been an influential large enterprise in China integrating with molybdenum dressing, roasting, smelting and chemical.

  XT MOLY is located in Jinzhou city, northeast of China,where it is quite convenient land and sea transportation, covers an area of about 70,000㎡ with 30,000㎡ factory buildings, and employs138 staff, thereinto, 53 with the bachelor degree and above.

  XT MOLY has passed ISO-9001:2015 quality system certification with the independent import and export license. It ranks top 5 in China with the average annual productions of over 10,000 MT in ferro-molybdenum, 13,000 MT in molybdenum dioxide and 7,000 MT in high soluble molybdenum trioxide, It has established the long and strategical relationship with a lot of metal fabricators and traders from home and abroad.

Jinzhou Xintai Metallurgy Co., Ltd
Address:Santaizi,Toutai,Yixian County ,China

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