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TOUGU DENKI Industry Corp.
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TOUGU DENKI Industry Corp.

TOUGU DENKI Industry Corp. is founded in 1943, a professional manufacturer of Web Guiding Systems (Edge Position Controller, EPC) in Taiwan.

Based on decades of research and development in automation control, we develop the first web guiding system in Taiwan in 1973. Due to the rapid development of the economy and industry, we have started producing photoelectric EPC to meet the demand in 1980s. After more than 40 years of hard work, we have developed many products that are suitable in different industries which are received positive feedback.

There are many hundreds of thousands of web guiding systems around the world that play important roles in their respective in industries. The supports from our customers helped us continue to grow in this depressed global market. We have been called the largest web guiding systems manufacturer in Taiwan, but we never proud. We continue to work hard to improve our quality and service, provide the best value for our customers.

With 70 years of hard work, TOUGU DENKI has overcome many challenges, is motivated to provide you the best products and services.

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TOUGU DENKI Industry Corp.

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