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daxinganling lingonberry organic foodstuffs co., ltd. (sales6 at lgberry dot com dot cn)

Daxinganling Lgberry Organic Foodstuff Co., Ltd




Daxinganling Lingonberry Organic Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in plant extract and foodstuffs. Our factory is located in Daxinganling City, the north part of China. Daxinganling is the only primeval forest where natural ecosystems remains undestroyed in China, so as to make sure that our matieral is fresh and the nutrients and active ingredient in our product will maximum preserved.Our company is the only one allowed to develop the forest resource by government for our high technique and rational development.

Our company was founded in 2002, and registered by Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce. Our fixed assets is 9.2 million RMB and Our factory covers 50, 000 square meters with 125 employees and 22 technology engineers. With 6 years rapidly development, our company has become a big company with annual revenue of 10 million RMB.

Our main products are:
1. Plant extract (more than 50 types):
Blueberry anthocyanin, chelidonine, ursolic acid, oligomeric proanthocyanidines (OPC), capsaicin.
2. Sport nutrition:
3, 4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran( nettle extract ), 6, 7-dihydroxybergamottin, alpinia oxyphylla extract.
3. IQF fruit:
IQF lingonberry, IQF blueberry, IQF blackcurrant, IQF red raspberry.
4. Fruit concentrate:
Lingonberry concentrate, blueberry concentrate, blackcurrant concentrate.
5. Fruit powder:
Black currant powder, blueberry powder, lingonberry powder.
6. Natural colorant:
Blueberry anthocyanin, lingonberry red, elderberry color, fucoxanthin, lycopene, black soybean hull red, black sesame color, lutein.
More than 90% of our products are exported to Japan and Europe.

daxinganling lingonberry organic foodstuffs co., ltd. (sales6 at lgberry dot com dot cn)
Address:Yongxing Street, Xiaoyangqi Town, Songling District, Daxinganling Area, Heilongjiang ,China

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