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The main business of Hung Hua Construction Corporation Ltd. are dredging projects and marine construction projects. In the past three years, Hung Hua has gradually accumulated our expertise and precious experiences gained from small projects such as water channel dredging, the construction of cofferdams, pile driving, the construction of sea dikes, reclamation, and the construction of wharfs. In the course of these projects, Hung Hua has continuously grown and developed and a professional, responsible, and trustworthy team has been created.

The largest CSD (cutter suction dredgers), Ta-lung and Ta-Hsin with 11,400 HP, in Taiwan join Hung Hua's business team one after another. With the joining of these two dredgers, Hung Hua currently owns the largest CSD dredging team in Taiwan or even in Asia. Moreover, the professional team of Hung Hua has excellent abilities in planning and design. Due to such abilities, Hung Hua has changed from a simple construction-oriented management pattern in the past, stepping into a pattern of a turnkey project. Such changes greatly enhance the competitive advantages and abilities of Hung Hua in the dredging market.

In view of the complication, large scale, and internationalization of the domestic marine construction, Hung Hua also maintains a highly flexible management strategy. Our company considers the nature and the scale of projects. Depending on those two factors, our company, if necessary, will cooperate with relevant domestic and oversea dredging companies to form a mobile strategic alliance. By doing so, in order to achieve the joint ambition and objectives pursued, our company can draw on the strength of each to offset the weakness of the other and, therefore, resources and specialty can be maximized. Besides, Hung Hua walks into the international marine construction market, cooperating with internationally recognized dredging companies. It also continues to introduce newly innovative concept and advanced work methods and technologies.

For many years, Hung Hua participated in many projects and won praises of proprietors for many times. It also treats proprietors as a partner who can work together. Win-win management conviction is also what Hung Hua has been always pursuing. Hung Hua also believes that the important factors of the sustainability of marine engineering are talented people, equipments, safety, quality, rate of progress, and costs. Therefore, in the field of marine engineering, Hung Hua will continuously invest and pay close attention to it.

Hung Hua Construction Co.,Ltd
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