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  • Unigin Screen is a professional metal screen manufacturer and we fabricate the products which have been applied to dome screen projection system, Three-dimentional (3D) dome screen, Immersive dome screen theatre, Immersive theater, digital dome screen, giant dome screen and dome screen cinema.  


  • UniginScreen also provides dome cleaning service to customers.

⟩ Relations :

Planetarium has astronomy, astronomical, starry sky interation, universal exploration experience, starry sky experience education for assisting human beings to know more about the wonders of astronomy.

⟩ Space and Location :

Planetarium relates to spaces and locations of digital dome screen and interaction digital astronomical projection dome to present the real starry sky effect.

⟩ Projection Requirement :

Planetarium has both of the projection type which are dome screen projection system and 360 degree domescreen projection.

⟩ Type of Dome Screen :

Planetarium has dome screens with the type of fulldome, projection dome, dome screen, sphere dome, hemishphere dome, immersive dome screen, dome screen theater and giant dome screen.

⟩ Other Solutions:

1. Unigin Screen provides the customers for dome cleaning service to prevent the screens from the dusts.
2. Unigin Screen can satisfy all requirements from customers′ needs and find out the most appropriate solutions.
(Size:  6M~30M diameter or above of immersive projection dome screen or in any shapes, such as horizontal, vertical or tilted dome screen)



Unigin Screen hopes to introduce the latest science and astronomical educational information to students, teachers, and family via planetariums.  We hopes to distribute for education that is meaningfulness.  In order to perform the education purpose, we are committed to create the a realistic space and the lifelike environment for students or more people who would like to learn more about astronomy.

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Unigin Screen
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