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iqf wild blueberry(sales9 at lgberry dot com dot cn)



iqf wild blueberry

(sales9 at lgberry dot com dot cn)
content: [European A Grade Standard]
Our material is wild blueberry in DaXingAnLing primeval forest.  With our advanced individually quick frozen technology, the wild blueberry, which is rich in nutrition, is well kept its natural color and pleasant savory.  Our IQF blueberry meets the European a grade for exporting to USA, Europe, Japan, etc.
European A Grade Standard
Quality Description of IQF wild blueberry:
1. The number of five or less than five conglutination is below 8%.
2. Natural color of ripe blueberry.
3. Natural taste of ripe blueberry, no peculiar taste, no rot.
4. Blueberry contains above 8% sugar.
5. No broken fruit, below 5%. Less than 10 buttons in 1 kilogram.
6. No unripe fruit, below 3%.
7. No transformative fruit. No diseased fruit.
8. No metal, glass, stone, sand, plastic, or any other impurity.

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