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Fuel System Catalyst Carbon Clean Remove agent


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Blue bottle (FUKES) Fuel Catalyst Clean agent (both gasoline and diesel vehicles are available)

-Single bottle can be handled easily, no need to use the car as an alchemy furnace, so many bottles and cans. For example, mobile phones now can instead of alarm clocks, watches, telephones, computers, flashlights, calendars, cameras, video games,.. etc. All in One.

1.Remove carbon deposits from the injector

2. Remove carbon from combustion chamber

3. Clean the carbon deposits in the throttle

4.Remove the oil scale in the oil circuit, it can form a layer of lubrication protection film in the oil circuit of the fuel system, prevent the accumulation of pollutants and prevent corrosion Can be added as preventive maintenance.

5.Efficiently remove the carbon deposits in the coal-to-copper converter and the platinum net, other brand just increases the octane number, the cleaning of carbon deposits is limited, and the carbon deposits in the platinum net cannot be removed.

6. No need to disassemble any parts. No need to be operated by the maintenance factory, just add fuel directly to the fuel tank.

7. For each time of the first four fuel refills, add a bottle of 40cc per time. It can improve the efficiency and save fuel by more than 20%. It can be added at intervals.

8. Can absorb and dissolve water in fuel system including fuel tank, fuel pipe and injection parts. Avoids rust, corrosion and wear and improves cold start performance. Especially suitable for high temperature, rainy and humid areas.


Our Magic feature of product:

1. Easy to use: simple pour method, directly pour into engine oil (brown or white bottle packing), fuel oil (blue bottle), without disassembling car parts. Other brands of carbon removal need to disassemble parts, and professional master, and finished After a period of time, carbon deposition will occur again and the parts need to be disassembled to remove carbon. The procedure is complicated and time-consuming.

2. Continuous carbon removal: When the vehicle is running, it will thermally fuse to remove carbon deposits, so during continuous carbon removal, carbon deposits will not naturally occur. No carbon deposits will be generated, and the temperature of the car will not increase naturally. Horsepower is also highly enhanced like driving a new car.

3. Carbon removal and lubrication function: not only carbon removal, but also ultra-high lubricity, automatically form a protective film of engine parts during operation. Reduce metal wear. The carbon removal and lubrication of other brand are separated and canned.

4. Diversity of efficiency: Just like modern mobile phones, it is multi-functional and you can get it with one machine. No need to buy for throttle , catalyst platinum, injector, combustion chamber, fuel system…etc. each bottle. Our is all in one function (blue one)...bottles, no need so many cans and cans.



1 bottle 40cc add into 60 Liter Gasoline or Diesel ratio

the first 4 time add new fuel add it, then can add in gap in the future/

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