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UV LED surface light source curing system,uv led light curing systemGST-101C-2


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UV LED surface light source curing system

The traditional way of lamp will produce a large heat and a special fan system is needed. The application of curing the heat-sensitive materials is also limited. The Irradiation intensity decreases from the center to the edge and illumination is uneven, that will lead the inconsistent of the products and reduce the qualified rate.

Advantages of UV LED area light source curing system:

  • Extra-long life time: >20000 hours
  • Cold light source without thermal radiation and the temperature in the curing room can be controlled the same as room-temperature
  • Uniformly distributed LED and optimal designed lens groups for UV light all guarantee the good uniformity of irradiation, the intensity change from the center to the edge is no more than 3%
  • Stable light output, higher irradiation intensity, higher energy and more uniform will improve the producing efficiency
  • Instant 100% power UV output once you turn on the UV curing system
  • Turning on or off don't impact the service life
  • The irradiation efficiency is more than 10 times of the traditional lamp way and its energy-saving effect is significant
  • Irradiating region and shape can be customized
  • Maximum irradiating intensity up to 2000mW/ cm2
  • It contains no mercury and doesn't produce ozone, so it is a much safer and more environmental protection choice that can replace the traditional light source

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