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Aquaclio International Co., Ltd. Taiwan
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AQUACLiO Water Softener VWS-180R


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Advanced Electronics​:
Your AQUACLiO softener uses advanced electronics thanks to the Water Right© technology.

Compact Design:
Thanks to the compact dimensions of our AQUACLiO softeners, they are easy to install.

WET Technology:
AQUACLiO softener is an efficient softener. Thanks to the WET Technology on the safe & complete configuration we add a unique way of saving salt & water.

Countercurrent Regeneration:
VWS Series water softeners regenerate using soft water. With Countercurrent Regeneration, your system will work better and last longer.

Safe Unit:
When you need additional protection, the use of a chlorinator to disinfect the unit will guarantee a safe & hygienic unit.

Optional WIFI Connection:
Thanks to the WIFI-connection, you can consult through a mobile web application your device, ask for a salt alarm, see excessive water use, etc. If any problems occur, your installer can assist you from a distance guaranteeing you a carefree softener.


Softening of water is the removal of calcium. Softened water gives an extension of the lifetime of your pipework and all household applications further in line. Using softened water has a positive effect on your hair & skin. You as well safe energy costs as on detergents.

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