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First, product outline:
The air entraining agentcan improve the concretes the workability, reduces the concretes mix segregation, weeping, enhances the concretes the durability and the frost resistance, its adaptation scope is very widespread. This uses in the landlord concretes, the winter construction concretes, the impervious concretes, mixes in advance the concretes, the slip form concretes, the pump concrete, the roller compaction concretes and the lightweight concrete, as well as water conservancy project, sea labor, port labor, road engineering, may also apply in has the request concretes and the preparation luck cement to the incrustation. This product each conclusion target achieved the GB8076-1997 standard.
Second, concretes physics performance:
Test subject Leaving the plant technical specification National standards (top-quality product)
Reduces Shui Lv (%) ≥8 ≥6
The weeping rate compares (%) ≤40 ≤70
Air content (%) 3.0-5.0 >3.0
The set time misses (min) Prehardening - 60~+120 - 90~+120
Final set - 60~+120 - 90~+120
The resistant to compression strength ratio (%) is not smaller than 1 day  
3 days 95 95
7 days 95 95
28 days 95 90
The shrinkage compares (%) 28 days ≤120 ≤135
The relative durable target, 200% times, is not smaller than 85 80
To steel bar corrosion function Does not have the corrosion Should explain whether there is to rust away the function to the steel bar

Third, main performance index:
1st, mixes the quantity best through the experimental determination, generally for the cement quantity 0.005%-0.02% for suitable, the special granulated sugar must enlarge mixes the quantity.
2nd, when ZT-YQ luck medicinal preparation use, but the water used dilutes 1% peroxide solutions. Namely with 1kg this, 10kg70 the above hot water stirs 1 minute to become the white emulsion, then exchanges under the normal temperature running water 89kg, namely becomes 1% peroxide solutions.
3rd, the concretes mixing time should lengthen about 1 minute.
Fourth, packing and storing:
1st, this loads models in the feeding trough. Each barrel 300kg.
2nd, this should place coolly in dry place, avoids insolation, tight pack.

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