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hardening accelerating and waterreducing admixture


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Main Technical Performance:
1, water-reducing rate is 10-15%.
2, early strength results are obvious, the concrete strength increased 50-70% 3 days, 7 days strength increased 40% -60%, 28 days strength can increase 20-40%.
3, concrete water-cement ratio and slump maintaining essentially the same situation, can save about 10% of cement, and concrete strength of 28 days did not reduce, the early strength increase 50-70% than non-doped.
4, powder for light gray, liquid for brown. Powder and liquid are slightly different in terms of performance, liquid is better than powder, and the final strength is not reduced or increased slightly.
1, powders commonly used dosage of 1.0%-2.0% for the cement consumption, liquid commonly used dosage of 1.5-2.5% for the cement consumption.
2, dry powder doped to be an appropriate extension of mixing time.
3, the initial use of this product, it's necessary to use the site raw materials make a mix proportion test of concrete, to obtain the best results.
Packaging and storage:
1, powder used in plastic bags outside the packaging, moisture-proof performance is good. liquid is in plastic drum packing or using tankers directly to the customers site.
2, stored in a ventilated, cool warehouse, liquid products can be stored in a pool. Products effective conservation of a period of two years, extended after passing through the test can still be used.

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