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retardation protection plastic Superplasticizer Admixtures is to solve concrete protection plastic technical problems, Apply to commercial concrete, high-fluid concrete, high strength and high-performance concrete, retarding, or ultra-retardation concrete, mass concrete.It is used to to reduce the concrete slump loss,to achieve the smooth pouring and ensure project quality objectives. This product has two kinds of powder and liquid form. When using liquid, commuted according to the same effect as solid content.
1, Powder dosage of 0.5-1.5%for the amount of cementitious materials, Liquid dosage for 1.5-3.0%, Water-reducing ratio can be achieved
2, the product has a retarding effect, Technical performance indicators significantly exceed the retarding superplasticizer of the national first-class product Indicators.
3, this product has a better adaptability of cement.Concrete protection plastic results are obvious, Minimal slump loss.
4, doped with the goods early strength of concrete, post-strength and security without retarding and plastic effect. 3 days of concrete strength increased 50-80%, 7 days strength increased 40-70%, 28-day strength increased 30-70%. Late strength continued to grow.
5, can significantly reduce the early stage of cement hydration heat, Delayed hydration heat peak occurred. Is conducive to the quality of mass concrete construction.
6, applicable to the preparation of C50-C80 high strength and high-performance concrete.
7, for the preparation of a plastic security requirements of commercial concrete, high-fluid concrete, retarding, or ultra-retardation concrete, mass concrete works.

Applied Technology Highlights:
1, powder according to the percentage of cementitious materials, liquid products according to the amount of solid conversion usage, The water content from the reduction in out of proportion.
2, using post-doping method is better, An appropriate extension of time in order to facilitate uniform mixing.
3, This product can be used for the preparation of the winter antifreeze compound, Effectively to avoid the crystallization of sodium sulfate.
4, when the use of concrete expansion agent, all kinds of fine mineral admixtures, special cement, high early strength cement or cement and other materials containing anhydrite, Should first be determined by experiments or to allow our companies to deploy.

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