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MYP high energy silvered disc varistor




MYP varistor are designed for extremly high demand on surge withstanding capacity, which would be assembled by the customer themselves. MYP varistors surfaces are screen printed with silver paste. It has good solderability after burn-in. With excellent surge protection performance, it is widely used in various fields of computer, power supply control, power transmission, communication equipments, water supply system, petrolatum equipments, mining equipments, railway signal system, etc.



High surge withstanding capacity

Be assembled by the customer

Construction: Round or quadrate metallized varistors element and no terminals

Disc diameter: 32, 34, 40, 53mm

Max AC Operating Voltage: 130 to 900V

Max Energy Absorption: 320 to 2278J

Peak current: 25, 000 to 70, 000A

Response time: Less than 25ns

With safety certifications of UL

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