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Quick Dry fabric/Moisture Management fabric




  • This fabric is using uniquely X shaped cross-section fiber, that sweat and moisture will be pulled from skin very quickly and extend the wet area of fabric surface as big as possible. Due to the wet area much wider than general fiber, enable sweat /moisture for air dry swiftly and evaporates very quickly to prevent clothes from sticking to the body.
  • Sweat in the process of air dry, when the sweat evaporates into vapor which will cause a physical phenomenon of heat absorbing reaction, to keep the fabric cool and provide user with excellent dry touch and cool sensation during intense exercise or sports competition.
  • In the winter or low Temperature condition, too much moisture inside clothes will affect the warm keeping performance. SPORTINGTEX® Quick Dry fabric can pull moisture out of clothes quickly to keep skin and clothes as dry as possible.
  • The special structure fiber is built by many micro-spaces inside yarn enable air pass easily to make fabric more breath. 
  • This fabric will give you excellent dry touch with breath and cool effect. 


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