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Sell Industrial Land in Taiwan(0)


Sell Industrial Land in Taiwan



We have lands in the Industrial Zone Area around 800,000 square meters for sale.

It is parts of Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affair, Yunlin Government developing industrial lands.



The vacant land price is much lower than at least 30 ~ 40% the current land value from the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affair.



Taiwan is located at Asia Pacifica Financial Area with integrity industries which makes it the most advantageous area for economic and investment development.

This year (2009) July, Taiwan has become the forty one member of Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) in the World Trade Organization (WTO).  

Every year the Government will set up a purchasing market to an amount up to two thousand billions NT Dollars (around 60 billions US Dollars).

Right now the Government is planning the Twelve Major Infrastructure Projects to benefit international enterprises investment and participation.

The global enterprises could highly use Taiwan talented people and industry advantage to raise international competitiveness and to open up the world market together with Taiwan enterprises.


Please call or write to my e-mail if you are interested in know more about this lands.

Enclose the pictures of the vacant lands for your reference.

We very welcome you taking your time to visit Taiwan to see the lands and discuss on this matter.




Prowang Plastic Co., Ltd.

Person in charge: Mr. Wang.

Contact Assistant: Mary Li. (Broker)

Phone: +886-5-591-7188.



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