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Alarm WS-201


Item Number






Alarm Series




3.0 kg


230*220*80 mm

WS-201 Automatic Dialing Burglar Alarm


Functions and Features:

1. It integrates an alarm with a high-grade phone, which is more sheltering and practical.

2. It can be installed as simply as an ordinary telephone, which is pretty instant for use without affecting the layout in your house.

3. It adopts wireless deployed alarming, so it does not need to establish wiring with easy installation but has high sensitivity and strong anti-interference.

4. It can automatically dial 6 groups of alarming telephone numbers and broadcast vocal message for 10 seconds. When the alarming situation occurs, the alarming telephone can automatically dial the alarming telephone numbers preset by you immediately to remind you to take corresponding emergent measures right away and protect the safety of your family with all strength.

5. It has Home/Out modes for setting up alarm

6. You can set up or release alarm and bug scene voices in a long distance by telephone.

7. There are back-up batteries built in it, so it can work in power failure.


Telephone functions:

A seven-color screen, polyphonic ring tones, a caller ID display, vocal number reporting, 3 groups of alarm clocks, calculator functions, a calendar, a clock, IP dialing


Standard Pack Components:

A main panel, a telephone connecting wire, a wireless anti-light infrared detector, a wireless door magnet detector, a siren, two remote controls and a voltage-stabilized power


Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC= 220V±10%  DC = 9V

Built-in battery: NI-MH rechargeable battery DC7.2V

2. Static current: ≤50mA

Alarming current: ≤300mA

3. Wireless receiving frequency: 315MHz±0.5MHz

4. Wireless receiving sensitivity: 5mV/m

5. Anti-interference intensity: 1V/m (Frequency range: 20-1000 MHz)

6. External alarming acoustic intensity: 110db

7. Work Conditions: Temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C Relative Humidity ≤90%

Configurable capacity of detectors: 28



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