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Alarm WS-301


Item Number






Alarm Series




2.1 kg


184*122*34 mm

WS-301 Automatic Dialing Burglar Alarm


Functions and Features:

1. It has 16 wireless alarming areas with a LED indication of alarming areas, and each alarming area can be fitted with any one of the wireless detectors made by our company.

2. The alarming areas can be programmed, and the attribute of each alarming area, i.e. the type of alarming situation and (delayed) immediateness, both can be redesigned. The working areas/bypass can be set up optionally.

3. It has a unique function of preventing the decoding by a remote control, which can shield the signals of releasing alarm sent by a remote control.

4. It is equipped with automatic fitting codes. The wireless detectors, remote control and main panel can automatically fit the codes into each other's. You can clean up the codes respectively or remove the overall wireless codes through keyboard commands.

5. You can set the alarming tones to humanly remind the user to set up alarm when going out.

6. Vocal indication in whole course, and convenient operation.

7. It can be used alone by a single user for a vocal alarm by ordinary telephone; or it can be connected to the alarming center; or the alarm can be sent in both ways.

8. It is compatible with common international alarming communication agreements, and it uses Bluelight Contact ID alarming communication agreement to send alarming information to the alarming center. And it can select the setup/release alarm information to send to the center.

9. You can choose the scene sirens all quiet/ strong siren alarm.

10. You can design the delaying time of alarm and whistling time of siren.

11. When the alarming situation occurs, it can repeatedly and automatically dial 2 groups of telephone numbers of the alarming center and 6 groups of telephone numbers of the users.

12. It can prevent the damaging of the alarm, the cut of the connecting line between the cable detector and the main panel is deemed to trigger the alarm; the cut of the telephone line connected to the main panel will automatically triggers the scene treble siren alarm.

13. You can program and set up/release the alarm through the password keyboard.

14. You can operate it with a remote control in a long distance by a telephone in an other place, including: setting up alarm, releasing alarm, scene bugging, turning on the scene treble siren and disalarming to carry on setting up alarm, releasing alarm and scene bugging.

15. It is suitable to both AC and DC: There are large-capacity backup source built in the main panel to ensure working in power failure.


Standard Pack Components:

A main panel, a wireless door magnet detector, a wireless inspecting infrared detector, two remote controls, a voltage-stabilized power, a siren and a telephone wire


Technical Parameters:

Power supply: AC= 220V+/-10%  DC = 9V

(Built-in battery: NI-MH rechargeable battery)

Static current: ≤50mA

Alarming current: ≤300mA

Wireless receiving frequency: 315MHz+/-0.5MHz

Wireless receiving sensitivity: 5mV/m

Anti-interference intensity: 1V/m (Frequency range: 20-1000 MHz)

External alarming acoustic intensity: 110db

Work Conditions: Temperature: -10C ~ +40C Relative Humidity ≤90%

Configurable capacity of wireless devices: 99


Operating Suggestions:

1. It would be better to be installed in some hidden places.

2. Please do not insert the inlet wire and outlet wire of telephone conversely.

3. The product is designed for indoor use. Please do not use it outdoors.

4. The external power should be firmly inserted and ensure good heat radiation.

5. Please refer to the product directions in the packaged capsule before use.

6. Please do not place it next to the objects with strong interference closely, such as televisions and computers.




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